Kutakentays limp foot aka “the symbol for God”

I’m not sure what it was suppose to be but it looks like a sloppy fist at first but if you look closer it’s the symbol for god

An asshole opens up and creates a God that’s so desperate to reproduce that he’s trying to suck his own dick he’s got a limp wrist and a limp foot but he dosent know he’s a spider so his creater God fucks him in the ass or something I found this after I created this I did not know it would become this


  1. varjakBaby · December 23

    Yo Jahi! I am nominating you for The Blogger Recognition Award! Check it out!:

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    • jahisprojectillogic · December 23

      Thank you for the award I’m overblogged right now so to do anything with this is gonna take time so I’m going to leave you my add
      Jahisprojectillogic.home.blog is a magical journey of syncrinicity it’s about a schizophrenics quest and attainment of enlightenment like I said is a magical journey with astounding art and currently a double album you see I wanted to become a master since I was 12 and now I’m 34 and a true master

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