The magic competition then the healer

Read the blog about Tyler’s cross. Anyways the illiterates pipe was a dead giveaway but I didn’t do anything at that point that comes later.

Anyways the illiterate one is friends with Tyler. He put me to sleep talking a whole bunch of bullshit about a whole bunch of junk. I went to sleep that night.

When I woke up my girlfriend was gone, she came back, I was borrowing Al’s phone, then the phone and Katie dissappear. All I know is what I felt.

I went to someone’s house and right as he was walking in I walked out and said “I banish you from my house” he sold them a phone but it had stickers on it…

When I went home there were cops in front of my neighbors house but they were there for her she freaked out because I wasn’t home and broke some windows im pretty sure the cops told her to “listen to your husband” when they took her to the hospital.

I felt his soul inside of me after that and I went back to where he was and asked him if he wanted his soul back, we both got kicked out, we walked towards my house together then he prematurely parted ways and after that I felt my girlfriend.

Then I walked directly to my neighbors, the healer was there, and not very long after that she gave me a healing. We talked about the mist swirling inside of me and she explored my soul and said it was beautiful. At some point I told her there was a dry ice cube there then on her very first healing she opened up my crown Chakra. I saw the illiterate one today but he is not allowed over at my house anymore. What actually happened I can only speculate but I know what I feel.

An illiterate person had the nerve to try and steal my girlfriend while I was writing the Bible.

She came home the very next day.

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