somebody from the aryan brotherhood is here0……….

he said i was white but im not a brother then i said i was neutral to the aryan brotherhood then i asked if theyd help me with my rap career he said no so i said i wanna be indpendant but if i go to prison i would work for them temporarly then he talked about prospects i let him use my computer and he got mad because i took 2 cigarettes shit escalated i said if you got a problem with me i will masacer the aryan brotherhood “even though i didn’t want to go to war with them” and i told him its my trailor and that im the leader here he agreed then im like get the fuck out and he was nice and i said he could stay because he was being nice


  1. varjakBaby · December 15

    Sounds like a lot of back-and-forth.


  2. jahisprojectillogic · December 15

    I am Jerome Allen Hickman I’m 97% aryan with 3% a lost Indian tribe I have ab positive blood the newest and only universal blood transfusion recipient blood I’m infinitely powerful in syncrinicity I am the Adam of a new species on this planet and this is my bible


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