i was jumped into northenos one of the biggest gangs in the world

my friend came at about 8 in the morning and he crushed up a line of adderall way too big to be that………i got really fucked up, looked in my wallet and there were way too many dollar bills. we went for a drive, i drove, we stopped and bought bandannas, during the drive i felt so at peace when i almost lost consciouesness, but i didn[t, eventually we went home and he left. that night i gave birth. i cursed every person i could think of in my texts to him even god, actually the only person i didn’t curse was him.

we were gonna move to colorado together and i was gonna use my one time interest free no down payment military housing lone to buy a house. but then i met katie and he didn’t like her because she “was” a banger but she isn’t one now.

oh when i woke up that morning there was a colorfull paper crain on my sprinkler. we never talked about what happened, but i know what i believe

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