i let katie the only girl i will ever truley love a member of my own endangered species my soulmate die in peace i love her and thats what she wanted

she was drunk as fuck and somebody gave her colodipins. i kicked that bitch out and got her to go to the neighbors so she wouldn’t freeze to death. she passed out there but we brought her home and yes we got in a domestic but i was doing it out of true love. the neighbor said shed die if i didn’t keep her awake. she said she wanted me to die basicly but i guess she wanted to die too? no she said that, i dont remember it, but i do. well i let her go to sleep. then i woke her up and said “before you die, i want you to know that i love you” then i came and wrote this. now im going to cuttle with her the rest of her life. some other bitch said to kick her out and i told that bitch to leave and never to return

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