lets all pray how we want this is how i pray i sensed magic today

this is how i pray i am an enlightened sith lord but i think it was an enlightened sith lord that started the rebel alliance. i used magic with technology against superior technology that i resist. im a member of the luthern church that received dharma transmission from the most beloved zen master to move to the united states so far that i know of. that video is in a sticky. seized my vessel seized my vessel. you know the q thought humans could have perhaps some day even surpass them. you gotta ramble to make a book this long as i sit there with no thoughts in my head pulling these ideas out of nothingness and memories i hardly remember as i sit her completley in the moment i realize i have a feeling perhaps that well i thought it was the end of the mayan long count calender today or perhaps 7 years in the future and since the year of artificial intelligence is so close to the end of the mayan long count calender that 7 years after is the bridge between two callenders so im asking everyone to pray in there own way that day make a wish and end it there

i sensed magic because i thought that today was that point but it wasn’t then i realized this is my biggest day for love that will ever exist because its 12-12-2019 and 12 is my number for love that i picked beforehand then i found out it was significant to all Aquariuses THE astrological sign of change

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