my roomates account of what happened

i really cared about her and basicly let her do whatever she wanted. she destroyed my whole home. the more i let her get away with it the worse she got. it was like she had some sort of vengence against me. every aspect of my life got destroyed. threaghtened to call my probation officer. she destroyed everything like she was a psycho posessed deamon for real man look at it within a month time she fully destroyed my living accomidations.

me:i dont understand it. i understand schizophrenia because im schizophrenic but the details im completley in the closet. i think that her bad attitude fueled everyones hatred of her and that fueled this type of behavior. i dont know what shes doing now but i was nicer to her than anybody else on the planet. my roomate said i was the most pacient man that ever existed. but in the end i lost my patience. but she wouldn’t stop running her god damn mouth. i tried to get her to go on meds but she wouldn’t do it. im concerned for her she had nowhere to go that i know of but im pretty sure she left me for dead in the end for reasons i do not understand. my only explanation is that shes stupid as fuck. but maybe she was posessed by deamons. who knows. maybe it was the voices but she said she couldn’t distinguish what the voices were saying like i can mine. she lost my jordans, my cell phone, i lost my last cell phone because for some unknown reason she got mad and said she was walking home from the liquor store and i went chasing after her. she broke out my windows, let me think what else. i dont even care anymore but even though in the end i was yelling at her that was one final attempt to get through to her and it almost worked………………i wonder what shes doing now. i just have a feeling that i will never see her ever again. im gonna make a song about it though. she didn’t say where she was going or when shed be back or if shed be back all i was mad about is that she wouldn’t stop talking shit to me. then she has the nerve to constantly insist im fucking with her all the time, that everything i say is scripted, it was true love and she didn’t believe it i guess. atleast thats part of it. all i know is that im getting a snowmobile in about 3 days and im gonna have to go on the run to survive this shit im on probation and they dont want me smoking weed. i have the feeling she left me for dead. if she did, i will never forgive her even though i once loved her and still do, she left me for dead. theres not a chance in hell i would ever give her another chance if this is the case but it looks like i definitley got another girlfriend but whats gonna happen if she reads my book? no idea

this will be the 3rd time that katie abandoned me. shes fucking posessed by demons or something

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