fucked up the release of "infinite pi" so im releleasing it world wide as "infinite pi 3.14"

i have the wrong files uploaded for certain song names in the release of “infinite pi”. you see i figured out how to listen to the tracks like immediately after submitting it so i sent a message to support immediately saying to cancel the release of “infinite pi”

now im all ready to release “infinite pi 3.14” and i have a decision to make. these are the rules……..

A notice to all COVER SONGS, REMIXES, TRIBUTE, KARAOKE, PUBLIC DOMAIN and CREATIVE COMMONS uploads. To legally distribute your content Worldwide you must ensure the following:1. You have the correct licenses to distribute the content in territories not covered by the MCPS or PRS, these include US, Canada, Mexico, Pakistan and India. If not, you must either seek these before uploading or remove these territories using the tool in your Manage Stores page.2. You have sought correct permissions from the rights owners for the use of any sampled material used in your composition.3. Your metadata adheres to the correct styling described in the RN Style Guide.RouteNote takes all copyright issues very seriously and we have adopted a 2 strike policy. Failure to comply with the above will be classed as a strike against your account. 2 strikes and the account will be closed permanently.
now my interperetation is that if i release it world wide for the first time i will get away with it and that was the interpretation of somebodies second opinion. theres no way to find out the actual answer from what i see so i have a decision to make……….release it world wide or not………i can always re release it and i assume it will take awhile for them to check licenses just in case i missed one………. like not release it in mexico, canada, and india………..now i have a decision to make and nothing but a gut feeling to go by to make that decision. what do i do what do i do………i want to say fuck it and release it world-wide it would pay off if it worked as far as i know………..decisions decisions…………its all ready for me to click send i guess i can keep looking but i know that im never going to find an answer for that…………….its important to me that i release it 12-9-2019 but an attempt would be just as good and it would get released on that date whether it gets taken down or not and i suspect theres a good chance that it wont…………..

i can always re release it and the original date will always be that and from my interpretation this is a one time opportunity…………nobody can help me make that decision anymore i dont think………….well its 4:55 it just turned 55 “thats my time travel speed limit” so im not gonna make that mistake again and jump the gun again because i have 6 hours to figure it out. i will let you know what i decide.

i gotta look and see what licenses i have;)

actually this is getting saved to drafts until i make the decision

theres also this one little piece of information

WARNING: For Worldwide distribution please DO NOT add Territory information.
Selected Stores with NO additional Territory information will be distributed Worldwide.

i still have all night to check my licenses better double check to make sure………………………..

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