Robert M. Pirsig would laugh and the current state of my home

my favorite book is called “Zen and The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenence” and ive read it 5 times.

He goes crazy then creates one of the most influential philosophy books of all time. thats what the whole book is about

i read his second book “Lila” once and in there he creates the MOQ “Metaphysics of Quality” in this book he used his money from his first book to buy a boat and he writes his second book while riding around in his boat.

robert m. pirsig is a professional technical writer

On that voyage he gets a crazy and probably schizophrenic girlfriend and he doesn’t quite get it. what he needed was “The mystery method” at one point towards the end his girl finds a baby doll in the water and is cradling it like it was real.


im with the love of my life “shes schizophrenic like me” but i realize now how much ive been neglecting her. She fights with all my friends, the house is more trashed than you could possibly imagine, and today she brought home a bunny rabbit that we cant find because the house is so trashed. lol

im a workaholic and somehow gotta find a way to stop working but man has it been fun and i might get laid today

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