My album has been released to the United States and China on 12-9-2019

i probably jumped the gun but i was so nervous no i did jump the gun i found it but i deal with that now im schizophrenic

my whole life has lead up to this release………………………….It took me forever how to figure out how to release it but im glad i waited until after i finished the album. Theoretically the only two songs that could get me in trouble for copyright infringements were the last two so i pulled those from this release and the last song is “sawed off”

now instead of 39 songs its 37 songs and 3=c 7=g backwords its gj or jesus christ

after i released it i found out that they saved your progress except i didn’t figure that out until after the fact so i was worried the power was going to go out or something the entire time and when i got it to be good enough i released it.

what countries to release it into was very confusing and would have required alot of research to figure out so i just chose the united states and china the two top countries in the world

i slept all day today because i had quit drugs but way later in the day i gave into pure pressure and got high and started doing this shit and when i looked at the date 12-9-2019 i realized this was the perfect date to release this album because 12 is my number for love and i was born 02-09-1985

aquarious is the asteralogical sign of change and from what i understand 29 is our last lucky number but i only saw it one time. i use my time to the best of my ability but i simply only have so much time.

the name of my album is called “infinite pi”

i wonder if i will have the ability to release it to different countries after i have released it because it said once released i will no longer have the ability to edit it but it said that i needed licensing for certain countries and to figure all that out well i couldn’t easily.

well thats my lifes work so far stay tuned for more posts i decided i am gonna keep this blog going

it would have taken me 2 hours to review that i had the correct file for each song because the site is slow so i skipped that part but i know i double checked it when i did it. i did check the last one and its the right one. god damn i was nervous the entire time i filled all this shit out then in the end it turns out that it saved your progress. i did the best god damned job with this shit that i knew how to do. thank you all for being my fans. god bless


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