it takes 24-72 hours to be approved and i see no option of stopping it but atleast i found out a way to see if i added the correct track for the correct title beforehand but i felt that i did.

i read the metadata formatting guide and as far as i know that is correct…………as far as i know everything is correct except for what the title mentions and what countries to distribute to. Looking at it now, i could have probably distributed to all of them and asked for forgiveness later. but i hadn’t come to that conclusion at the time i hit send. i wonder if i will be able to release it to other countries in the future. yes but with this site……….unknown…………im just finishing up my rise on reddit;) girlfriends going to sleep too. but i better check on her.

now that i think about it, this entire house is littered with trash because i only have about 3 worldley posessions and it all came from other people. nobody realized it before, not even me, but my girlfriend was actually cleaning. im gonna have a cd release cleaning party. fuck did i get nervous but now im gonna check it out. later friends 😉

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