i got my ged and secret security clearence at groton ct submarine base

i was supposed to be a fire tech the one who fires the torpedoes and missiles on a nuclear submarine but i escaped the navy and became a rapper.

like 5 years later i got diagnosed with schizophrenia and at first i was only getting ssi but then one day somebody told me the secret of how to get military disability and i ended up getting it on my first attempt.

i blamed my schizophrenia on the navy i mean afterall the submarine force is the most notoriously insane group of sailors in the entire navy……….now i get paid as much as a captain plus i get ssi so i make more than a captain and its for life. they admit themselves that theres no way to know what caused that shit but if the navy could have possibly even accelerated any sort of mental problem they give it to you guarenteed i guess.

they revoked my secret security clearence when i was discharged from the navy

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