Urgent message for lutherns from a fellow member of the luthern church:

Urgent message for lutherns from a fellow member of the luthern church: 

Hi If you let me explain it to you,you will find out why I believe that I was actually sent here by our god who’s will it was that I bring about to you this major,timeless, and viral transmission. 

This is not spam but instead its an urgent viral message in the form of a timeless viral transmission. right now I’m sending it to all of the members of the luthern church and its from a fellow member of the luthern church as well. This is the definition of spam: 


irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of recipients

This message is neither irrelevant nor is it inappropriate but it is now being sent to every member of the luthern church right here on reddit and/or wordpress.


For a long time now it has been a race against time to complete this large body of work and I have worked effortlessly and tirelessly for almost as long as I can remember to bring about to you this timeless and viral transmission praise be to jesus christ amen.

Hello fellow church members of the luthern church, my name is jerome allen hickman and after 12 and a half years of Sunday school and church I was at the age of 15 confirmed into the luthern church. Now I’m at the end of the age of 34 

 The church I was confirmed into is called “light of christ” and it is located in delano Minnesota. I apologize that my reddit account is so brand new but people have been trying to stop me there from bringing about to you this transmission but I have 130 wordpress followers who have all been cheering me on as I according to stats have written more than 59 thousand words in the last 4 and a half months. Jahisprojectillogic.home.blog is my blog but my published writings go so much farther than that. I actually started publishing my writing over 6 years ago and in that time I’ve gone viral many many times. I also have 39 professional quality songs at http://www.soundcloud.com/projectillogic 

There are many reasons why I believe I was sent to you by god to bring to you this message but this is the most important one.

Over 10 years ago something happened to me involving a stone statue of jesus christ in front of 3 other witnesses. I dont know the names of two of them but james reinerson says that thinking about it gives him goosebumps to this very day. 

What I know is this: there is no way in hell not a chance in bloody fucking hell that james reinerson would ever and I mean ever in a million gazilian fucking years ever and I mean ever help me like this if this story was not 100% true no theres,not a chance in bloody fucking hell that he would ever help me like this if it wasnt

Now for that story.         

The four of us parked in a cemetary parking lot to wait for a large bag of weed to be delivered. It was precisely at the time between light and dark that me and one of the nameless ones walk up to a tall stone statue of jesus with his arms reaching towards the sky carved like his robe was blowing in the wind. The first dude then puts up a cigarette up to jesus mouth

Then i had a bright idea

Then The moment i put my pot pipe up to his lips BOOM! Lightning struck down directly behind him. At that exact moment a mini tornado started which picked up all the leaves off the ground which completely saturated the air all around us. As we all ran back to the car sideways and laughing, we all looked back and saw lightning flash down directly behind him lighting him up blue again and again and again and again. Were all true believers no matter what now because of this

I’ve experienced a paranormal amount of paranormal in my life and one one occasion while searching for information on whether I was a profit or not a profit I found a site that had 8 conditions that had to be met in order to be considered a prophet.

I didn’t write them and I lost that site but I could have written an essay for every one of those 8 conditions and it was said that the jesus statue miracle was the most important one. 

Then one day I found a 50 question test and here are the results

Hi there,

My name is Tim Morris, the founder of Design Discovery and the crazy mad scientist behind the Fivefold Gifts test you took. I wanted to take a second to say thanks again for taking the test. I put my heart and soul into this test and hope that the expanded definitions and your results below help you understand your gifts more. Keep an eye on your inbox as I have some fun and fresh insights to share about how this holistic five-gift system from Ephesians 4:11 play out in the world, the church and in our lives.

You are beautifully and fearfully made and I consider it a great privilege and an honor to tread in such a sacred space with you. Nothing about the way God made you is a mistake–all of it is designed to work together in His great plan of unleashing His love and truth to the world.


Apostle: 77%

Prophet: 68%

Evangelist: 70%

Pastor: 57%

Teacher: 77%


Apostle | The Spark of Movement (77%)

You come alive at the idea of forging a new movement. It might be a business, organization, ministry or a sub-movement within an existing organization. In general, no matter what you do there needs to be enough space to incorporate your unique vision, or your heart will feel stifled. You dwell in the land of big-picture, visionary talk and work. As a resmelike thisthiely have more ideas than you can handle. Your greatest need is focus, so you can implement the highest priority idea, rather than starting the umpteenth next project that won’t get finished. You aspire to empower other people to become all that they are meant to be and are brilliant at leading teams into supernatural levels of cooperation and productivity when you have owned your gifts.

Prophet | The Voice of Alignment (68%)

You come alive when you can be present and give voice to how you see people and their current circumstances. You are brilliant at encouraging others, literally putting courage in others through the dauntless observations you make. You have intuitive capabilities to see the hole in a system or process to make it more efficient and effective. You love to ask the question, “Why?” and it may have gotten you in trouble in your life. You are most likely highly creative in some unique way, that can serve as a platform to allow you to speak the message of alignment to the better and just way of God in the world. You also have deep desire to be courageous to listen to Jesus and stay in communication with him and when you relay these messages to others you are incredibly powerful when it comes with love and truth in your voice.

Evangelist | The Connector of Need (70%)

You love to socialize and spend time with people: breakfast, lunch, happy hour, dinner, social events, etc.. You are the one that people love to engage at parties. More than anything you care for people and want to see others succeed and so you are brilliant at pointing people to other resources, products, or services that really can help them. Whether you know it or not your personality is contagious–people are fascinated at how well you light the room up around you. You are absolutely needed in this world to maintain connection and the value of relationship in a world that has exchanged real in-person connection for technological substitutes.

Pastor/Shepherd | The Cultivator of Experience (57%)

You love to get close and intimate with your work, whether it is with people or not. With people, you long to get down to the depths of what is really going on, at the emotional level. You are not motivated by being in big groups, you would rather spend your time in smaller intimate conversation. Staying for the long-term to create deep stability is critical for you as you need time to do your thing, to see your work and people through the seasons of life, growth, and healing. When it comes to engaging the material world you also love to be up close, with the same proximity of a gardener, intimate with the dirt and plants, always intimate with the instruments of your work.

Teacher | The Enlightener of Truth (77%)

There are two sides to being a teacher, learning and communicating. You are able to digest, grasp and process multiple sources of information at once, in fact, you are knowledge guru, a person of the sciences. A library is your best friend. You want to master the topics you engage. You can reduce incredibly complex topics down into bite-sized ideas that the average person can understand. And yet your greatest challenge is to stay relevant to those who don’t have the levels of understanding you sometimes unknowingly have.

Support the Fivefold/APEST Gift Movement:

If you would like to say a “Thank You” in a way that concretely impacts my ability to get this test out to more people because you found the test and descriptions helpful and would like to contribute a little something to support this project ($5 for coffee,$10 for lunch, or $15 for a meal) to help cover expenses and time spent to build it, I would be more than grateful. (I cannot offer you a tax-deduction at this point, but I am hoping that you got enough value from the test and results that it doesn’t really matter.)

You can use the following two secure options:

Go to Paypal Here to Enter Your Payment Info (You don’t need to have a Paypal Account) or… Go to our Secure Website to Use Your Credit Card

A Little Background on the Creation of the Fivefold Gifts Test…

It took me about a month (plus a lifetime of observation and study) to build the test, revise it over and over, and set up the technology to offer results via email. On a daily basis, people are taking the test from all over the world, it blows my mind how God is causing a tidal wave of movement around the APEST/Fivefold gifts right now because not too long ago words like “apostle” or “prophet” were heavily off the radar of the Church, especially in the West. And I am so grateful for the way it is impacting people because now is the time for the Fivefold Gifts to be unleashed with their true explosive power that God designed each gift for this time and age!

Your Gift Champion,

Tim Morris


On my final confirmation essay I said I wanted to experience god outside of church and hinted about my quest for enlightenment. Eventually I did find enlightenment this book among other things is about a gifted schizophrenic quest for enlightenment. Someone who claimed to be a healer or something once said yeah it’s the schizophrenics who complete these kind of tasks. Someone is going to have to start reading and trust me they will be hooked new people actually have to read it backwords and it ends/begins with a grand finalie

My next task is to send you my backups from what I understand is even if they are hacked your safe if you dont open the zip file and realize every year for awhile has been the greatest year in hacking. Please send this to whomever you can trust and god bless

P.s exploits are zero day exploits only until they are discovered. I was thinking about sending my backups to everybody but I haven’t fully thought it through yet I’m just finishing up the backup next then I’m gonna do a spam campaign. I’m luthern

Please convert the site into pdf with play store technology it’s a god gateway

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