The feather “as it turns out this was saved to drafts but it was supposed to come before”

One time the dude that god hopped into his body comes over wearing a 3 foot magical looking feather.i didn’t try when he had it but leather on I tried so hard to get the feather. After me talking about *the feather” enough times he agreed to give it to me if I went over to his house but when I got there he gave me a small one.

My girlfriend said she’s the one who originally found it while I was in treatment and it got passed around, but I just found out it fell in front of her face while she was walking


  1. varjakBaby · December 8

    This is fucking awesome.


    • jahisprojectillogic · December 9

      i never actually got to touch the feather but i seen it. it was the size of a peacock feather but it was not a peacock feather it looked like a hawk feather


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