A message to all my followers

Thank you for following my blog I had a fun time writing it. It’s the bible of the schizophrenic people perhaps

There are many google chrome extensions to save my site as a pdf but your gonna have to click on reading more before it loads the whole thing first

Please perform this simple task and convert this site into a pdf.my idea to record it on video was schizophrenic but I actually did that lol. It played my two disc album twice

This might go on but I ended it many times already. This spot to end it appeals more to me than any other spot and I might have to start another blog we will see

If you wanna follow me to my next blog I will post that address next if that’s all I have left to say here. Thank you and god bless!

P.s save it now is what I’d prefer but please save another copy if I do provide that link


  1. varjakBaby · December 8

    I have no idea how to save your site. Are you taking it __down__? Please leave it up! Ugh…

    Let me know when the new one hits. I’m down.


    • jahisprojectillogic · December 9

      no im not taking it down but every wordpress site has a self destruct button and hackers could take it down at any time but they seem to approve of this message. i might not end this site now and keep on going the feather post changed my opinion on it.

      download the “save to pocket” google chrome extension and keep clicking on “older posts” on my site until the whole site loads then use that program to save the whole thing as a pdf then do what you want with it but this message needs to be heard

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      • varjakBaby · December 9

        Of course!


      • jahisprojectillogic · December 9

        or you can do save page as i would suggest doing both and thank you i had alot of fun writing this but it cost me my personal life this shit is my life


      • varjakBaby · December 9



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