I think god hopped inside my friends body a couple mornings ago

I don’t do it very often but I can call into 104.7 kcld whenever I want. I called them a morning or two ago and told them about the letter I wrote to the luthern church I was confirmed at. Then I said I knew what actually happened with jesus then when I got to the part about my theory that someone ate jesus flesh “pure speculation but history channel said he came back as a ghost” when I got to that part alex comes busting through the door like a bumbling idea and starts talking non stop but I have no idea what the fuck he was saying.i politely said I was on the phone but he still wouldn’t stop talking so I handed the phone to him and they declined.then he left the room like he was confused or something

One comment

  1. varjakBaby · December 8

    Ahahahahahaha lord.


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