No THC CBD only weed is legal in minnesota and here is my review after trying it for the very first time: They fixed the spice epedemic!

Holy shit this stuff gets me way higher than normal weed the stuff that I have to smoke constantly and so far the effects last longer with the CBD

I got this bag for 15.99 and theres way more weed in this sack than what I could get for 15 bucks from someone else. They sell it at the liquor store

I wanted a second opinion so I had my friend try it and he said it didn’t get him high at all

I smoked spice for 5 years the synthetic marijuana that use to be legal and the thing about it is that it affects all your THC receptors and THC only affects half of them and when I actively smoked spice I couldn’t get high of marijuana for a couple months and when I finally did quit spice things were never the same ever again

But every once in awhile THC weed gives me the ultimate head rush but I for now choose the CBD. My probation officer will be pleased. But the way I interpreted it is that I can do whatever the fuck I want and after accidentally cutting myself too deep I called my lawyer and he said that all my charges were dropped because i guess the prosecutor wanted me to focus on my mental health I have no idea if it was because I had cut myself that deep or the fact that right before that I got committed to a mental hospital again, but all I know is that when I found out I played the macarena

Two of those charges that got dropped were for empty meth bags

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