What use to be the funniest thing that ever happened

Stevo burnt up the engine in his pickup racing me because we did alot of street racing growing up in the country we could do whatever we wanted there were no cops. Actually very few people took it to the extremes we did and I was the worst out of all of us.

Anyways I had auto shop with Stevo and he wanted to replace his burnt up engine with one that was in a rolled over bronco.i even got to go with when we went to get it I was just a passenger.

Anyways when we got there all 4 tires of the bronco were flat and Stevo says fuck it let’s drag it back to school like that. So dude hooks up to the bronco that Steve is stearing and it all happened kinda quick but. All of a sudden in two and a half seconds Stevoe was back and forth between ditches 6 times and he was waving in a very special way. It completely caught me off guard and I exploded in laughter instead of saying stop but I wasn’t piloting either vehicle I was just a passenger and it caught me completely off guard. Turns out the reason why he was waving in a very special way is because the windshield was broken and it cut the shit out of him.lol

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