new users get to see this constantly evolving pending time travelers fee backwords but now with the addition of getting my microphone back and the money i was rewarded today things came back

so when i went to the mailbox today there was over a grand worth of checks sitting in it. normal checks, a 500 dollar christmas bonus, then they gave me a check i didn’t understand. someone commented on my gangsta roll i had at walmart “i think?”

i still have money left and i changed my locks, replaced my stolen phone that cost me 250. its slowly coming back to life i was able to get into the backup and its a samsung backup that so far seems better than google but we will see how good it is.

i went to the bank and they said that the hundred dollars they jacked from me was back in my account “i think?” but i haven’t even dealt with that yet. when i went to cash my checks they said i couldn’t get my money for like 10 days or some bullshit and i said fuck that and went to walmart

oh some asshole didn’t sign me up for insurance on my old cellphone and i didn’t spend much time disputing it because my grandma was bitching about time the entire time but this time it has it and idk my phone stopped working immedieatly as far as service but im gonna be calling the retentions department and complain. i asked the right question and they said the only way i wouldn’t have insurance is if i said no and i wanted it and im pretty sure i mentiond it. fuckers. schizophrenics making decisions but who knows when i would have had another chance to go to that store

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