this is being added to the top a place where you can add donations and any info that is important enough goes here. i need money to continue funding this and to replace my stolen 500 dollar microphone it was probably my roomate will be more careful next time

in construction i will not document revisions on this pinned to the top post and i will write it however i want but i promise to keep it short . so anyways nice to meet you im jerome allen hickman aka jah aka projectillogic aka pi and im a viral writer as well as a master rapper. please enjoy like the countless people that already have! so far this has been a zero profit public service announcement. it came at great cost to me to bring you this transmission and it is a transmission…….

ive worked non stop for the last 10 years to bring to you this transmission but it really has taken me my whole entire life to bring this about. it sucked ass at times especially at the lows but overall i had lots of fun doing it 😉

right now im at 39 professional quality rap songs but e8t beats is producing my next 5 song ep he is paid in full. actually i have the first part of a song recorded and salem jumps in after me and my recording is absolutly perfect minus some clipping. as im getting ready to use my 500 dollar microphone i notice it is missing fucking thieves fucking with my rap career for dope thats like stealing a microphone from 2pac wtf

i once put a pot pipe up to the face of a stone statue of jesus christ and he came alive in an electrical storm with 3 witnesses! read about it here

i have ab positive blood and only 3% of people have it, were the only universal blood transfusion recepitents, we are the newest spececies on this planet, i have no kids and the love of my life cant have anymore. i am part of a new and endangered species

plus im schizophrenic but to see nothing other than your knowledge that i am schizophrenic is to not see me at all for i have been a gifted mind for my entire life and according to tests theres a 90% chance im smarter than you.

that test says im an apostle and a prophet. you know i once found a site that had 8 conditions to be considered a prophet and i could have written a paragraph for each and every one of the 8 conditions and the jesus statue was the most important one too, but i lost that site and now i cant find it. perhaps i will continue this blog just to find that. we will see. will it come to an end or will it not come to an end. either way i gotta be careful and if it dosen’t come to an end it eventually has to. im trying for perfection. so its definitly gonna slow the fuck down as i move on to other projects. as of right now its one minute to 5:00 and syncricity had it so that the gangsta test was my 500th post. the results were that i am an internet gangsta.

so far this top post is perfect so anything new goes after this point. “that didn’t hold true but it might now” man does this feel good plus im so fucking high too. lol

inside this book you will read about my dharma transmission plus my reverse dharma transmission then towards the end of the book i get the love of my life back after almost ending it all.

anyways i got dharma transmission from zen master seung sahn from a youtube video from the grave. i read his 500 page book “the compass of zen twice” i did not care for his book “sprinkeling ashes on the buddha” in that book he just kept saying the same thing over and over again in ways that are meant not to make sense. i think i understood it but it was stupid

inside my book you will read about how e8t beats says seized my vessel seized my vessel when he started producing for motive-hate and he sent me a secret beta beat. he snapped when he first saw this video and i didn’t release it until 4 years later. this beat and this video were meant to be together. seung sahn traveled time and got airtime in the future. now behold………ENLIGHTENMENT!!

heres my youtube channel

Projectillogic’s Scared Gangsta’s One Eye

unnamed still
unnamed still

this is what my favorite dream was like

the cartoon dream world

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