this appears to be another collection of sith quotes but remember i abandoned the sith once i got enlightenment and learned control

“Wealth and material goods mean nothing to me. I crave only power and purpose. With power, anything you want or need can simply be taken. With purpose, your life has meaning.” ~ Darth Cognus

The dark side offers power for power’s sake. You must crave it. Covet it. You must seek power above all else, with no reservation or hesitation. -sith lord

“I have no concern for myself.”
―Darth Wyyrlok

“Why do you waste yourself against the control of one world… when you could have the entire galaxy?”
– Darth Bythion

“I don’t know, I guess I’ve come to a point where anything that’s not intellectually stimulating in some way other than a way that challenges the people to either be creative or have to think about something in it’s entirety is moronic and as such is worthless.”
– Darth Atrer

“Where the Jedi courted power, the Sith lusted after it; where the Jedi believed they knew the truth, the Sith possessed it. Owned by the dark side, they ultimately became their knowledge.” -Darth Plagous

“Remember why the Sith are more powerful than the Jedi, Sidious: because we are not afraid to feel. We embrace the spectrum of emotions, from the heights of transcendent joy to the depths of hatred and despair. Fearless, we welcome whatever paths the dark side sets us on, and whatever destiny it lays out for us.” -Darth Plagous

The Sith and the Jedi are similar in almost every way. Including their quest for greater power. -Darth Sidious

“To dare to dream of something that has never existed and to make it a reality; to conjure up your deepest fears and darkest hopes; to pursue a vision ruthlessly and without relent; to create the artifacts, ideology and organization of the empires of your mind: this is real black magic, the source of all true power.”-unknown sith

the jedi temple needed to be destroyed if we hoped to end the clone wars. In the end I saved lives -darth vader

warriors are animals. Agents like darth maul have their uses, but can never expand beyond ther limited set of tasks.-darth sidious

feeding on rage like this brings fighters to the dark side, but when they step away they can be much more receptive to the light. Not all such warriors are beyond redemption.-luke skywalker

a spark of insight form malgus! A sith should always think on a monumental scale. -darth sidious

it is no accident that I took the title of darth when I gained a mastery of the dark side, nor is it an accident that kaan and his followers rejected it. It is a title of power. It carries authority and is crowned by the judgement of history. It symbolizes transformation. When I took darth as my title, I put away my childhood name. What does it matter that I was once a miner or a soldier? The only thing that matters is what I will achieve.
-the book of the sith

curious. I have brought the sith to their ultimate victory. Through study, I will soon learn how to defeat death. While I may choose apprentices, I will never choose a sucessor. -darth sidious

banes power has been passed down for a thousand years. I vow to be its last recipient. -darth sidious

darth mail, darth tyranus, darth vader, each usefull in his own way. Each easy to replace when his purpose has reached its end- darth sidious

I have struck from the shadows while remaining in plain view. It is a superior disguise. -darth sidious

the dark side of the force is finally concentrated. It gives the two beings unlimited power, but the sith cannot afford the loss of either of you! Do not make yourselves targets. Even a sith lord can be felled by a thousand enemies. -book of the sith

This is what has become of the jedi, watered down and weak -darth sidious

you should not care for ceremony, only for results-the book of the sith

punishment can be a great teacher -book of the sith

Jerome Jerry Hickman “We learn to be better, more powerful. Even though the Empire may not publicly support us, we believe in the Empire’s ways. Revan mastered the light side and the dark side—war and peace. We seek to walk the same path.”

you are a sith lord, not merely a fighter who knows how to hold a blade. The force has given you the tools to defeat your enemies. During combat, the dark side crawls beneath your skin and electrifies the air surrounding you. If you fail to channel it during these moments, your are unworthy of the sith title.-book of the sith

other groups, like those of the jedi and the sith, use stragne cold terms to descrbie the work of the spirits. They talk of the unifying force and the living force-of the light side and the dark side. We must forgive their ignorance, for the are not shamans of dathomir. Their leaders cannot understand such concepts without enduring a trial such as mine.

There is no need to separate what they call the living force from the unifying force. Both are manifestations of the twin deities, and both are vibrantly, overwhelmingly alive. Tis classicication of light side and dark side is also misgueided. Is it evil to kill? Would those who answer yes be satisfied if predators starved so grazers could strip the land unopposed only to die amind famin? Is this the bloodless utopia envisioned by the moralistic jedi?

What the jedi call the dark side, nightsisters know to be the essence of life, even some of our witch clans have made the same error as the jedi, ignoring those spirits voices that call or blood and labeling them as eviil. My sisters, do not concern yourselves with dark sid or light side. That is the langauge of the outsiders!

Or abilites were bestowed by the spirits. The winged goddess and the fanged god bestow the passive aggressive energies that animate every creature and allow each to draw breath. Would your choose to deny yourself? Do not limit your scope by obeying artificial rules.
————-the book of the sith

“You’ll know you’re making real progress on the Sith path when you go from being suicidal to homicidal.”
~Darth Ravenus

Jerome Jerry Hickman thats what happened to me when i first studied the sith, through it i mastered the zen and was never depressed ever again -projectillogic

“What is good? All that heightens the feeling of power, the will to power, power itself in man. What is bad? All that proceeds from weakness. What is happiness? The feeling that power increases – that a resistance is overcome.”
–Friedrich Nietzsche, The Antichrist

“Defeat is a state of mind. No one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as reality. To me, defeat in anything is merely temporary, and its punishment is but an urge for me to greater effort to achieve my goal. Defeat simply tells me that something is wrong in my doing; it is a path leading to success and truth.”

That man never really dies who knows how to assume sufficient empire over others to be able to trace lasting marks of his energy and power over the minds of those who, under his influence, bend their steps toward the highest.”

“Why fear to reanimate ALL the possibilities that lie dormant in our natures? Is it not desirable to cultivate all plants indiscriminately? There are those that are poisonous, true, yet even these are indispensable in the practice of medicine. Large doses of certain drugs cause death; but, administered wisely with the hand of a skilful physician, they bring relief and very often a complete cure. The same may be said of many forces that are evil only because they are not disciplined.”

“A considerable percentage of the people we meet on the street are people who are empty inside, that is, they are actually already dead. It is fortunate for us that we do not see and do not know it. If we knew what a number of people are actually dead and what a number of these dead people govern our lives, we should go mad with horror.”

“Man is asleep. Man does not have real consciousness or will at all. Man is not free. For man, everything just happens. However, man can become conscious and find man’s real place, as a human being, in creation but this requires a profound inner transformation.”

Sith Academy | Power is our Passion

We are not mortal animals who plunder at the mercy of irrational thoughts and passions; we who strive to be the masters of the universe must first be the masters of ourselves.

The poison of the Dark Force shall manifest in different stages: rage then exhilaration, anger then control, terror then superiority, bewilderment then passion, frustration then victory, despair then power — need we say more?

We must be willing to cross that threshold of good vs evil, weakness vs strength, death vs. immortality; to intoxicate ourselves with power — this is the Way of the Sith. To be a cunning cosmic wizard; to learn the immortal ways of the Gods of this universe and beyond; to master the forces of the Multiverse, is to be Sith. To live another way is to bow to the Jedi and see our world destroyed by the destitute and mundane minds of a decrepit religion.

you must walk the path of Revan on your own. The path to power—the path neither Jedi nor Sith.”
―Tari Darkspanner[src]

The Order of Revan, also known as the Revanites, was a secret society within the Sith Empire that adhered to the teaching of the powerful Force-user Revan. Balancing the light and dark sides of the Force, the Order sought to change the Empire from within, and they accepted members from all levels of Imperial society and even alienspecies

The Order of Revan, also known as the Revanites, was a secret society within the Sith Empire that adhered to the teaching of the powerful Force-user Revan. Balancing the light and dark sides of the Force, the Order sought to change the Empire from within, and they accepted members from all levels of Imperial society and even alienspecies

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