im the infamous hacker "jeromiehomie" from way back when i was 15 and an unofficial moderator at atsdss alientech dss

at 15 years old i had over 2000 technical posts on a forum with over 50,000 members that was ruled with an iron fist. dss is direct tv and back when they could still be hacked dave “direct tv” sent an ecm “electronic counter measure” every 3 days to two weeks and for some reason people were subscribing to me for the fix. thats because mikey! “the smartest moderator the only one that knew assembly” said that i had caught their attention and was doing a damned good job. in the age of dial up internet i had 5 channels of streaming porn alone in my bedroom at the age of 15. i did it for the love. when they took the hu card out of the datastream they stopped direct tv access card hacking forever

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