all that survives from my as i remember it 1500 lines of code written in pure actionscript flash website

ONcE i created a fully functional flash Web site entirely in actionscript. unfortunately I lost it somehow so now only a small chunk remains. function assign_eh(){ _root.newslink0.onPress = function ( ) { _root.newsview.newsview_txt.htmlText=_root.content s[0]; ** _root.newslink1.onPress = function ( ) { _root.newsview.newsview_txt.htmlText=_root.content s[1]; ** _root.newslink2.onPress = function ( ) { _root.newsview.newsview_txt.htmlText=_root.content s[2]; ** _root.newslink3.onPress = function ( ) { _root.newsview.newsview_txt.htmlText=_root.content s[3]; ** _root.newslink4.onPress = function ( ) { _root.newsview.newsview_txt.htmlText=_root.content s[4]; ** _root.newslink5.onPress = function ( ) { _root.newsview.newsview_txt.htmlText=_root.content s[5]; ** _root.newslink6.onPress = function ( ) { _root.newsview.newsview_txt.htmlText=_root.content s[6]; ** _root.newslink7.onPress = function ( ) { _root.newsview.newsview_txt.htmlText=_root.content s[7]; ** can u figure out what it means? I wrote it from scratch. I’ve actually studied 5 different programming languages but I gave it upa llong time ago. fuck the code structure was perfect on my phone but when viewed with the computer it is no longer formated like it was supposed to be. just go to the site if you want to see it fuck

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