this is my 704th post 7=g 0 4=d which equeals god

this one i was lucky enough to see the oppertunity a small amount of moves right beforehand.

first of all heres the two pics i took on our romantic adventure on 12-12-2019 12 is my number for love and 2019 is the year for artificial intelligence. i didn’t get laid that day

second of all im guessing about half an hour ago i asked the voices how them talking shit to me for that long has helped them in any way and they have yet to have an answer now this is written

next thing is my picasso level abstract art that got created on a 10 dollar support discontinued 8gb iphone ce

i performed the ultimate magic spell i was in sync with the clock and every new minute told me to post something new and i did that for so long then i traveled time and this art emerged.

i decided you will have to find that movie yourself but its here

now i have a decision to make find the symbol for god “god bending over” its in here……………or let you find it. i quickly scribbled it without thinking about it.

im sorry for everything wrong ive ever done please god forgive me please jesus forgive me but the cartoon dream world loves me. so does god, so does jesus.

the rings. i might not have actually told the story of the rings in this blog i remember that its possible but dont know for sure. if i haven’t you can keep on reading in the viral blogs and its there for sure.

i gave the rings to the voices. some people might be pissed about that but pure speculation thinks they left only a few behind to scramble the signal and took the rest back with them. that was my only opportunity to ever get at the voices and i did it but it was a gut decision thats what i wanted. they have partial access to my mind anyways so i gave them a peace offering, if they even took that opportunity, but i know jessie ventura said the large towers were probably psychotronic and i seen a rainbow beam one right in front of my home thats how my time travel music video started. now im saving this to drafts and im gonna start looking for the symbol for god but im gonna see if i can set this to post at exactly 7:04 today.

alright that was simple its set for 7:04 pm tomorrow this is the first autopost ive ever created. i want everyone to post something at 7:04 at precisley 7 years after the end of the mayan long count calender. that is all for now. begin radio silence

change of plans the voices said they were going to torture me. they have been torturing me for so fucking long. so im going to release this as soon as i finish this post because i said that. ive been tortured enough. theyve done things. ive told people. i get rediculed. so i stopped talking about it. snickering

who do i think is responsible for this shit? mike wilds. he set me up. he took my 20/20 vision. for what, because i told him i would call the cops if he kept sneaking into my house and injecting me with shit. a northeno would have called the cops on him i was told

some people will see it but some people wont. but this is my symbol for god

i told him he was gangstalking me, something something, and that he called a hit

he said “yup”

thats the last time i ever talked to him

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