ex girlfriend robbed my microphone, my phone, and my tv. but im with the love of my life and shes starting to behave

i let my ex girlfriend and her new boyfriend spend the night and shortly afterwords i noticed my tv was missing. i blamed my roomate and pulled a knife on him in front of my grandma and told him to get the fuck out. she didn’t say anything lol. when i found out that tv was stolen getting a new knife was the first thing i did. i think everyones scared of me when i got that fucker for compared to a normal person with that fucker im invinciable. i would love to train with a better master for i would make a good student.

so anyways she called me saying she has important information to tell me about something stolen so i let her over……….then she informs me that my microphone was stolen and i didn’t even know that it was even gone. i freaked the fuck out!

so i freak out then my ex girlfriend and her friend and my girlfriend get in the car and lock the door so i stand behind it and the fucker trys running me over gettting the fuck out of there but i ripped off his rear windshield wiper while it was happening:) i actually tried busting his windows with it and slitting his tires but it didn’t work.

i go back inside and my phone is gone. i freaked the fuck out i was even crying and shit. “my tv, microphone, phone, and girlfriend were gone” i guess they were being assholes to her and she ended up getting out of the van and walking home. she just needed a ride to the store

i had a backup of my last cell phone but it wasn’t a full backup and i was pissed. i have a backup of the new stolen cell phone and this time its through samsung so i hope its a better backup this time we will see. i called my service provider today and they said i have insurance on the fucker so i dont have to eat the full costs but it still will cost me money. man i was on the floor looked like i was praying fucking crying and shit that was a 500 dollar phone. but now im over it. atleast i still have my computer its not like its worth anything or anything but it does what i need it to do.

so tomorrow im going to file an insurance claim with my cell phone provider then i have to wait for it to be delivered to me. man i took some major losses but atleast i still have my girlfriend so it looks like i finally had to pay the time travelers fee there was a pending time travelers fee like 5 times when i thought i was traveling time or something lol im schizophrenic. there are still pending time travelers fees but my ex girlfriend aint allowed over here anymore and when i get to it im fileing a police report because if i do my insurance will cover some of the costs. fuck that bitch. this aint just for leisure, this is a serious job i do and i do it all for free right now but some people actually appreciate me. peace

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