The post below is the capstone for the second time I had a really strong urge to end the book

You have my reddit username so there’s no reason to post updates about that. You have my YouTube account so there’s no reason to post new videos here. This is so towards the end of the book I’ve been in grand finally mode for awhile the only thing I have left to do is finish taking that ultimate psychological test then add one final capstone “third times a charm? “

After I finish this up I have a choice that is work on the 5 song ep or continue writing on reddit

Thank you all that read live all previous pages. I pray that my story goes viral like my name. I have been writing all my life, made my first poam at 12, it was good and since then I’ve always been good at poetry. I started rapping at 15 “as a joke” got good at it in the navy because they basically train you “marching” I recorded my first song at 20 and now I’m 34 with 39 professional quality songs

Oh I forgot when the test said among other things that I’m an apostle, I started a long ass poam that’s unfinished. There’s actually a bunch of other tests I could take I should see if I’m a saint

Many thousands of people have read my pages but I haven’t actually read it and don’t know how it works other than it’s a transmission. There’s little left to say other than I stopped being a sith the first time I got dharma transmission.

Will the book finally end? We will see

I’m going to continue

Oh I was gonna add the part about boot camp too other than that I don’t know what’s left to say but it’s not like I really planned this book much it just works

The only thing I really had to plan for was how I was going to end the book I knew I had to be cautious when the end of the book started otherwise it will spiral into the toilet?

Not all things have to come to an end and this might be close to the end of the book for some but for others it is the beginning.
Remember me
For I will be remembered for atleast the next hundred years but my name…..
That will be remembered for all time

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