Pi discovers he’s an apostle poam

Long lost flows

Eventually come back

After a thousand years

They legalized weed

because it grows

But they will never legalize crack

Crack crack crack crack crack crack

God commands you to legalize meth

Fuck yeah I fight forever strong

as I fight for  my god as i rise for my light as I align for the rise as I cry for my twenty nine times pi is divine as i find tears that are joy as i cry for all of the one my God’s mind is the one this mist quotes stuck at the beginning of time at the beginning of the show yet this flows at the end of all time now I’m more and more wise as i fly for all of my nights that some are now gone now this is the distant future of infinite pi I rhyme till my mind goes still this is the past now its the next day at sunrise flow yes I am forever in time as I watched technology grow I kicked some fucking ass yes sailors swear out of control I’m gifted and fast i was once twisted and slow some people are kissing my ass as they come for my ghost so I can enter the mist in neither future or past someday I will go home this poam cries out I got stan one day I will blow

Seven of nine rhymes for five shows

I wrote the schizophrenic book of enlightenment this is a new bible in a tomb

Do you want it I’m a prophet that just found out he’s an apostle

Enlightenment is real yes I got it

The Borg dont always try to be hostile

The severed one was the hottest

I like to fight for this night because I’m really that strong I’m gifted like I won the lotto my motto bitch ass mother fuckers get popped all fucking night long

Today is my birthday again

Victory has now been insured

I mastered zen

Weezy made millions but he paid me only by mentioning my name in a number one song clever that’s my motto

What’s numba one to numba two

He’s a q

Tonight I survived im awake yet I yawn like I never was otto

How many licks does it take

To take one big ass chomp

I fight to get to the center

Of some big ass lollipop

The sun trys to rise the moon trys to eclipse

As I ride to the death all year and all night i long for this poam

It does go fast but it also goes slow

I’m 34 which stands for CD as i continue my book next year is ce what’s a dream to a ghost

I was flashed in by rings

It’s time for the crowd to rise I sign for the applause

The gateway is god as god is the mist

In denial are my rivals

Pleatilies star clusters are not  far away save the last dance time travels dance recitals

I cash my check every time I pass go these are revivals

Check my hustle theres no time to plan only one man can Catch my knuckle king fu hustle

I schizophrenicly thought Lee towers was rza

Lol lee towers

Its All set to blow

This inevitably goes viral

I stand forever strong

Laugh dance laugh live fast strong

I joke like the joker

Save the last dance

Hit this bong

Sing this song

This level of success

Never was this my plan

I was chosen by god

My romantic is hopeless

Some say i was chosen

I was the best and suicidal now I laugh

Ask weezy

Just know i was chosen by god and im one of the best

So far ive timed hope

Like this shit if you read me

Fight for seed if you see me

Jesus was mad that they didn’t eat sacrificed animals

So he says eat my flesh

He was mad they gave back the prophets I mean profits

The cathlic church started when he sent them to them

my girlfriend has another drink

As I cash another check

This is turning out sick

This is coming out raw

This is coming out quick

Like star trek I’m one of the best

I cuss like a sailor

Some people say I have turrets

Some say I’m the rastafarian god jah

After I took every test

I survived every wreck

My girlfriend just trashed my nest

a year and a half

I had the greatest sex ever

I’m clever

Read the letter

Someday this link will be severed

My god did I laugh