Pending time travels fee or reward minus fee

Awhile ago somebody needed 20 dollars really bad and I had only like look I don’t remember how it worked but at the atm you can only withdraw incriments of 20 dollars or more and if you over drafted its a 35 dollar fee. Since they normally only charge that if it’s over 10 dollars and it would only come to about 9.60 negative, and since he said it was so urgent that he would pay me back if it over drafted, I granted his request.

It ended up charging the 35 dollars. He may or may not have paid me back. I avoided the bank for a long long time. Got into a love fight with my girlfriend. Check gets crinkled up. Walmart machine won’t cash it.

I remember it was something time travel and the Walmart machine ripped off a piece, they taped it back together, it was a long journey, but the bank atm took the fucker.

Anyways I went in and disputed it and the bank reversed the 35 dollars. Because it was negative, “I cashed the check yesterday” I had to wait till the check cleared today but I disputed it and got some of the check yesterday. The rest I get today

Anyways I spent all that money besides a 20 dollar bill. It was in an envelope in my wallet with my driver’s license. That turned up missing. I’m not looking for it I’m writing this. If I don’t find it that shit saved my ass I should have put it in my wallet.

If someone found it they may or may not give my drivers license back. If I took that money I would

The dude paid me back something

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