Other rappers rap about me it actually has happened quite a bit I wish I would have been keeping track of all those songs I heard but I didn’t all i know is that I doubt it’s gonna stop anytime soon so the whole world is watching me meanwhile the only people that are funding me is the military here’s a few songs I even remember this is Jerome allen hickman my initials are jah read the book

This song is a reply to my first hit song that came before it


The next song went number one in the world after that and the only payment I got for working for 2 years for the then number one hip-hop radio station in all of Minnesota and ending the writers strike is that they paid for me to go to 4 concerts and I went to 3.

I had never heard of lil wayne before I went to his concert “nobody had” so I never heard make it rain till way way in the future.

So anyways…..

In front of 15,000 people while performing lil wayne was focused on a young schizophrenic fan doing a concert for him after spending 6 hours pushing through the crowd to get to him. I call this performance “the elbow dance” lol if this dosent work it was my dieing wish that that become lil Wayne’s nickname “the elbow dance” I have so few

That’s the album version in that one only in the beginning he whispers “j. Hickman” but in all versions he raps about me at the concert and he says my name 5 times in that song

This video is lady gagas first hit and the chorus is “Jerome just dance”

The music video for lil wayne lollipop also starts out in front of a bathroom mirror like the lady gaga one

Then there’s this

In this one Jay z says jah and Jerome and in it he says “illest nigga…… Illogic…… Michael Jackson thriller”

I am the rapper projectillogic I ended the writers strike at b96

That’s all I even kept track off but I’ve heard my name mentioned in atleast 25 songs

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