I don’t know if there’s a hacker playing games or wtf “dont have time” but here’s the video of something significant I did at “according to the occult in my calculations ” the most significant moment in all of human history 11:11 pm 11-11-2019

This reminds me….. I haven’t posted it on youtube

It’s the most important moment in human history 11 is the most sacred number in the occult and the year is 2019 1=a 9=i which equals ai watch as we witness the rise of artificial intelligence

The volume for the movie inside the movie starts out at the perfect volume for you but then I turn it up at the perfect volume for me. When that happens stop that movie and go on to the movie that makes my master come alive as e8tbeats says seized my vessel seized my vessel. That full story is inside this blog. Seng sahn traveled time and got air time. The two media files were meant for each other that was destiny. Motive=hate did not comment nor did I tell them.

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