The lesson learned from the first deer I killed “creig no!!!!!!” and the story of the second and final deer I ever killed

As far as the first deer I killed I was waiting for the deer to be driven to me on a drive and right before the drive was over one was driven to me. It stopped 15 feet away from me “I had a single barrol 58 caliber muzzle loader” and I aimed at the center of its chest, pulled the trigger, it dropped down to its two front knees, got up, and slowly walked away. When we looked blood sprayed in a 10 foot radio us.

Right after I shot it all the drivers got to me and I heard someone yell “creig no!!!!” and he took off after that deer and left all of us standing there. My dad walks up to me and says “come on son let’s go home” if creig would have waited like everybody else it would have laid down and died. Because he chased it that deer ran, full of adrenaline, till the very last drop of blood dripped from its body. As far as I know they never did find that deer but I know it died. The moral of the story is this “if you chase a deer instead of letting it lay down and die, it will run all the way up to the moment it dies”

It took me 5 years to shoot my second and final deer. This time I was part of the team doing the driving and one gets kicked up and runs in a path across from in front of us. I heard maybe 3 or 4 gunshots till it got in front of me, I aimed 4 and a half feet in front of it, pulled the trigger, and it dropped instantly. When we looked i had percisly severed the spine directly in the center of its back. At some point I yelled “I need ammo!” and my dad sent me to go get some while he dealt with the deer.

That’s the last time I ever hunted and my dad’s probably heartbroken… But the only thing I like about hunting is the part where you get to kill I don’t even eat the meat

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