Seized my vessel seized my vessel

That’s what the q said when he was making fun of Jean Luc Picard on star trek

That’s basically what august said when I showed him this video

He snapped!

There was some Korean dude on his precious beta beat he was developing for motive-hate but I know him so well that he bragged to me about it by sending me a copy of the beat

The Korean dude is zen master seung sahn hes my master I read his book “the compass of zen twice” hes my master

I did not care for his book “sprinkling ashes on the buddha”

This enlightened master had tremendous swag and was loved by westerners all around

This movie was made for this beat by “time travel?” Or something supernatural because of how supernatural this movie is. Inside these texts is the story of how I got dharma transmission from zen master seung sahn from a YouTube video from the grave

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