I’ve really been on edge sometimes lately

It’s the environment or drugs or something idk I go from Hitler to calm in two fucking seconds I haven’t actually hurt anyone or anything everyone likes me here idk I’m in control I think i am anyways I like to be calm I like peace but I’m a little bit gangsta. My friend that came in with my ex roommate is still here so………

But that ex roommate my ex girlfriend aquared a bike and he chopped it down to parts so hes sleeping and I simply was gonna hide his bike from him outside he wakes up says I can’t take the bike I jump from the other end of the room land on top of him in his chair and I was winning. I said I was going for a bike ride but I was in my socks and something was in the microwave. I just remembered that he lives here for free eats my food does my drugs sometimes sabotaged paying roommates and last time I had to fucking walk to the gas station. I was on edge

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