After the wutang I was all alone at first god wanted me to be alone with these voices in this blog there does it ilistrate the voices driving me insane there is where I got the link for jessie venturas show conspiracy theory season 3 episode 7 “brain invaders” the episode that got him taken off the air

These voices represent a rival emerging government that torture people with psychotropic voices as a control mechanism

You can’t control a schizophrenic apostle proph

M mmr has mmmmmm?et veteran of the notoriously insane nuclear submarine force that is seeking the peace of enlightenment by disturbing him with voices without driving him insanem.c

Take these fuckers down

They keep saying this is the final straw well good

I never wanted them

They haven’t helped anything

They fucked shit up

I am right

Stop them

Watch the video

They think I care that they said that was the last straw

That behavior has fueled me

Except I dont work for them

I work against them

Jesus teaches us to fight the demons

I thought they were demons at first

They gotta go

I was right

It would have been better for them to leave me alone

After I zoned out reached out grabbed the full bowl of weed blah blah blah after posing as the rastafarian god jah my phone stopped charging so I got a new one it gets stolen right away then on time travel day I get my old android for free plus the battery store fixed my old iPhone for free. Now I have an even better phone

Jessie Ventura was the former governor of my state hes a former navy seal and he had one line in the movie predator “I dont have time to bleed”

Arnold swartnizagor was in that movie and governor of another state

Must be the predators lol

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