The time 3 witnesses and a schizophrenic prophet met jesus christ himself in a miraculous event that could have been in a movie

James Reinerson says thinking about it gives him goosebumps to this day

I don’t even know who the other 2 witnesses are anymore

There isn’t a chance in hell james reighernson would help me start a new religion

Not a chance in hell

It was overcast and we were waiting in a cemetery for some weed. It was precisely between day and night when we walked up to that jesus statue. After one of the anonymous ones put a cigarette up to his lips I pull out my pot pipe. The moment it touched his lips BOOM! Lightning struck down directly behind him lightning him up blue. Simotaniously a mini tornado started up picking up all the leaves off the ground saturating the air with them. As we ran back to the car sideways and laughing lightning struck down directly behind a stone statue of jesus christ lighting him up blue again and again and again and again and again. If this happened in the time of christ it would have been included in the bible. If jesus doesn’t return jesus will record he returned to me

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