The dharma transmission and the reverse dharma transmission

I read the 500 page book “the compass of zen” twice

One time I was in the studio with the rapper “worm b” and I asked him if I ever showed him my zen master so he said no so I pull up a YouTube video and I got dharma transmission from a YouTube video from the grave

When I looked him in the eyes I started crying left the room cried on the couch for 15 minutes. When I was silent I went back into the studio sat down in the chair looked up to ceiling laughed histaricly at the top of my lungs for 10 minutes felt the change almost immediately went with it

Lost my enlightenment when I lost the love of my life cut myself almost died got fired from the wutang clan. Create a viral thread on lil wayne hq dump my girlfriend get the love of my life back….all I remember is at lil wayne hq I made everyone laugh then everyone cry there were twists and turns it was in reverse and I am enlightened again

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