How I survive as a schizophrenic prophet

I take the maximum dose of whatever antipsychotic I take injected in the butt every month then I get high then I do God’s work to keep the voices happy I’m a schizophrenic prophet I need to find a test that confirms this but I guess prophets communicate with god and although I do believe I do communicate with god many realms have said what’s up to me I believe.

I read something once that had 8 conditions to be considered a prophet and I could have written a paragraph for each and every one…. and it said the jesus statue incident was the most important one of them all….then I lost the link and now I can’t find it.

These voices have terrorized me and although probably doomed I live happy in the moment…..

I’ve reached the point in my career the same as when eminem quit drugs so now I’m gonna become the biggest stoner

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