The voices are using long range voice to skull and eeg hit those fuckers those that have up there life that talk so much hit that drives me crazy jah commands you to do it make them stop they are my blood born enemies

Hit those fuckers figure out how make them stop this is why the catholic church didn’t like technology at first


  1. varjakBaby · November 9

    A few comments on what I’ve found helps:
    -Pay attention to your autonomic nervous system and what helps it feel better. It’s in charge of mood/affect, state, and lower-level person processes. It’s the “dark abyss” of the brain. But it’s very real, and really in control of some things!
    -Sometimes, for me, just listening to the voices on my bed with the window by my side helps. Eventually it stops. But just setting aside time to listen (if it’s not too maddening =/) can help.
    -It’s difficult b/c you have to simultaneously survive, AND pay attention to what the world is gonna be like once you’re out of hell. I understand. And those two needs placed upon the sufferer may contradict. Just make the best decision you can and deal with the consequences when they arise. You’ll survive.
    -Stay open-minded, at all costs. Nothing is worse than running out of options with your life/marbles on the line.

    Hope that helps. Disclaimer: I am not a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist or any sort of psych-doctor at all. So take my words with a grain of salt.


    • jahisprojectillogic · November 17

      I take the maximum injection every month on what is that antipsychotic called….then I do drugs and yes I hear voices sometimes but I manage to keep them happy by doing God’s work I am a schizophrenic prophet and it would be foolish not to let me go to the mist but it’s been pretty scary at times and while I’m still alive I came up with the phrase “celebrate life” prophets communicate with god but I believe all realms have said what’s up at least once many have yes indeed


      • varjakBaby · November 17

        Haha alright it sounds like you’re full of energy. I’ll leave you to it then. Just wanted to try to help.


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