How to count: Every letter is a number every number is a letter everything’s forwards as everything is backwards read the symbols and codes and travel through tolls and scrolls i smokes bowlz after bowlz in the middle of the road of the Skittlez of the mystic toadz

This was completely unplanned but I looked up and it was the 55 I found inside my time travel calculations I call the time travel speed limit

I looked one time and It listed 29 as the last of aquariouses lucky numbers and I was born 2-9-1985 I’m a 29 aquarious of THE astrological sign of change

I’m a 29! Aquarious

My names jerome Allen Hickman
Jah is the rastifarian god

My initials are jah

My god said it was a good idea to pose as him


8 is infinite

5 is significant to aquarious


02091985 equals




When I was young I chose 12 as my number for love

Turns out I accurately picked out that number because 12 is infinite to aquarious

I’m 34 years old

3=c 4=d equals cd

Dh or 48 stands for dog house that’s where I met the producer of motivate 15 or so years ago

Carl jungs theory of synchronicity
54 or Ed too

44 or bb

11 is the most sacred number in the occullt and multiples of 11 are important too

I went crazy before I figured it out

When night I spent all night jotting user names in a notebook

The license plate game

My numbers are 29 29 11 multiples of 11 54 55 53 12 dh bb Ed 48 22 not sure if I missed one or not

You may or may not understand what happens here but I do not think I am delusional statistically there’s a 90% chance I’m smarter than you or look I’m not good at math I’m in the top 10% I still use touch points

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