I defeated a dark warlock in a magic competition

I’m schizophrenic and into syncrinicity you see I was born magic and Tyler has to cast spells he was praying to the demons so that he could feast on my soul but instead I feasted on his

He’d always come around here wanting me to do something and I’d keep saying no no no no then he’d get frustrated and leave

i always found him to be stupid desperate and annoying

He was painting symbols around and shit and one time he robbed me. It was a battle down the glare ice driveway I was holding on to the back tire but I survived it because I use to skateboard

He abandoned his bike at the end of my driveway. When he came back he came inside and took his bike I chased him out of there going poof poof poof poof because my co2 powered bb gun but it malfunctioned I was like fuck you

In roughly this order

at some point I went to his house and he put dots with a marker onmy arm and later that day I burnt holes in it with cigarettes

I looked into both white magic and black magic but i couldn’t find the right spell so I used my own magic

i remember all this long texts about the magic competition but all i did was spraypaint a blaze orange cross on his door then the neighbors got a dot his door man

He tagged up my neighborhood with his symbols

He was the one that sprayed shit first

Christ wins he was doing his job too he thinks the demons do there job

On the coldest morning of the winter I had my roomate drive me to his house and I ran up there and spray painted a blaze orange cross on his door

I seen him after that he came to my house and creig said let him in and he barely got out of there without getting his ass kicked

i went after him after he peper sprade two friends don’t know what happened im pissed he just threaghtened me but i went after him anyways i dont know what happened between them pepper spray aint shit

this was his ultimate spell but instead i got to eat his soul

I reversed his magic and he got an ugly upside down cross tatoo on his forhead

I didn’t care at first so I didn’t look. But when I found out it felt like I ate his soul

It feels good

He told me about it in person but I didn’t look

So I know what it’s like not to know

im delighted about it but i didn’t know at first but it all adds up i tried teaching him my magic but you were all your magic god i laughed when alex said he was thinking about getting one too he obviously didn’t hes illiterate and i win him in intelligence competitions

tyler used weaker magic

smoke that weed smoke somoke smoke that weed pop that liquor smoke those breeze in the breez darth maul qui gon jin

gangsta greys with the umm back to topic

when i found the memory of the pin dots he put i realized i just ate his soul or atleast thats what it looks like

His magic caused me to burn myself and im proud.of it

But Tyler got that cross tatoo
I’m happy about that shit too

Looks good
Actually I haven’t seen it
When he showed me I didn’t even care
So I didn’t look
Later it felt like I ate his soul
When I thought about the dots

Insert Tyler and his upside down cross between his eyes good lookin shit here
The voices probably maybe commanded him to do it

Or was it me
I approve
Baskin in the sun

Spreading fucking love

Deluxe size celebrate life
I gotta soon go on testosterin
Jay lynx mist exist into bliss
Damn it I go good hard now I gotta read it again

Yeah I caused that shit i know it

So he put one on his face
I guess he thought it was a good spell

I don’t cast spells

Celebrate life
Have fun
Fly off
Jump off

What’s the name of that dude with all that shit that comes out
Inspecta gadjet

Me and the voices agreed Lee towers is beaner
at camp I learned about Master bating as a group and I got in a fight with beaner the eagle scout
That’s like the story of
Young acting ensign wesley crusher
Who turns out to be a travler
But the q were more powerful
Even his first officer was one
But had orders not to use it
But the less powerful than the q traveler got to interface with the engines
The q sent the enterprise to borg space
Picard got assimiliated
When the borg came lookin
His new name was lacutis
He’s the one that made it that far
His magic caused me to burn myself

As far as the cut I called my lawyer the next day and they dropped all my charges because they thought the schizophrenic should focus on his mental health

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