avenge me i need you to as a mob help me this is all i even had to do tonight but the funnier expanded cross tatoo story just needs an ending right away tomorrow i defeated a dark warlock in a magic competition the blah blah version is here do drugs mon momorons saves prostetutes my son wtf


  1. varjakBaby · October 18

    Have you tried punctuation? Or is this really how you sound (and want to)?


    • jahisprojectillogic · October 24

      I get 3 grand a month disability schizophrenics get to do whatever they want sometimes


      • varjakBaby · October 24

        Haha alright. That sounds fair enough.


  2. varjakBaby · October 24

    I’m so glad you were able to outdo the warlock with your spell. That DOES sound like something to glow about. God, dark magic is fucking horrifying. I bet you were scared as shit on the inside, but with a shell of lightness and power that you used to deal him the final blow. Hmm.

    Impressed you know so many names. Thanks for the name drops.

    Pretty good (hip hop? rap? just seems like literature to me!).

    Thanks for sharing! I hope you’re doing alright.


    • jahisprojectillogic · October 24

      I’m just finishing up the complete version of the encounter I’ve been waiting cuz I don’t wanna read it. It was an act of petty vandalism my one true calling


  3. varjakBaby · October 24

    Sorry about judging your writing the first go-around. I might be your “illiterate friend” sometimes.


  4. jahisprojectillogic · October 25

    I’ve gone hundreds of thousands insanely viral the full story deserves to be heard


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