shizophrenic with true love

shizophrenic with true love

shizophrenia can be fun but its not always that small.. but i have always had a good enough laugh when i was always on the good side of bad im in the mood right now as I surpass movement roots trees roll around you see im all that good i have 39 perfect songs lets call them get down lets get high do drugs mon belive in free weed I believe that jesus is the christ that betters more souls i do enough drugs my son that you can walk with me im jah the rastifarion god of sublime lets get down lets get high I like to clown around but at other times I like to fly inside my soul as my light fades away into the sky as I fly into a place I call the mystical mist

lets get fly right into the mother fucking sky the shrine looks down at the moon as a wise moment holds true thats up to my whole world to try lets get down my sex brains fried I’m 50s stash crowns lets dance I’m the sound in the now we’re all around bow down cry in the now i gave into laugh man my eyes open wide like the man on the face of the moon as i stand here near the right side of the grass as of now I stand tall and around im loud and I feel alive i feel steady strong i give it into my all when im calm i ride by im nine times nine proud as i slide into trance dance to sounds I have a schizophrenic mind/travel the mist/inside the shade of the night I rise like a mystical eclipse

time travel calculations

Real Holy water cleans his forbidden apples

the time worm b started worshiping a flame and i blew it out and he was really mad about that he cried

alexes umbrella

i love that schizophrenic crazy ass shit give into this any enlightened person would feel that mystical sprite which equals the wise rise of the mist we must understand now so that we might rise into the eclipse

lets trance for awhile were flashing in souls seeds believe in their young one day were all gonna die but tonight were all that lovely young and my minds still proud now to be alive /i take a proud bow as i nod with a smile lets fry a little bit of kind bud lets celebrate life

im jerome allen hickman the rastifarian god jah do drugs mon get high my son as i fall away into sign now climb into the light maybe one night you could penetrate insane like the way I penetrate my wife

Bye bye for now but I will always be down for the ride that crys times without war the prize was left behind how did that one time did that gay guy get inside

Whatever sense it makes in the future words that rhyme be deep like the occult the rest will be released at a later time

Straight from the realm of infinite knowledge

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