god says its a good idea to pose as the rastifarian god jah

do drugs mon do drugs my son

my names jerome allen hickman and my initials are jah and jah is the rastifarian god

my mom actually gave me that name to suck up to my grandparents now shes mad it worked lol

so anyways my initials are jah

one time i didn’t have any weed and i was bored so i get the bright idea to start posing as the rastifarian god jah but only i can do that its my name

anyways after the first message i sent i zoned out reached out grabbed a full bowl of weed i didn’t know i had got drunk on power giving orders and shit

a true stoner moment

i dont know much about rastifarian but a athiest said there big ass stoners

thats me

but then my iphone stopped taking a charge but it got fixed on time travel day when i got the free bomb ass android that i grew to like better but the source code on my iphone is valuable so i still have it

you could use it to speak to god but others could use it to speak to you

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