My favorite dream at least at the time took place on that same gravel road where I encountered that boy and they said without words this is a girl.

Actually both dreams were rather pleasent I have no fear in dreams

The first one I sat on a swing set until everything disappeared in a pin hole

This is my artist rendition of what it was like

The second dream I’m speaking of is of the first time I ever encountered anybody there or it at least seemed like it both dreams on my parents gravel road
This punk drives by on my three wheeler so I run up to it tip it over grab 3 cds and go two levels underground “unknown cds” and burry them
He followed me and I stuck a marker up his ass. Next thing you know there’s 15 of them chasing me on flat water slides two levels up and when they caught me only my future wife remained. I seen her one time when we were a little bit older. Anyways we then walked to the neighbors house and went in the pool
This is a girl
I was so fucking high when I go lucid
I chose my job that dream
It’s to impregnate the world with a pen
After encountering them the first time there was a year long war but I’d just appear and they reached out to me
God power
I am one of them

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