my alien abduction orgins story and the”the legend of the rings” only 3% of people have ab positive blood like i do so i must be an alien at least compared to you

yes i am an alien i have ab positive blood. only 3% of people in the world have this blood type and were the only blood type that can take blood transfusions from any other blood type. all other blood types are compatable only with themselves. were a new species because ab positive is the newest bloodtype

my first memory is of being in the hotel at disney land and my great granda hands me a green stick of gum.its a 5 second memory and i dont remember disney land

my second memory is of suddenly appeearing in the living room, then going to the front door, opening it,. then something female dressed in a way to fuck with a child is standing there with about 300 rings and i thought “witch”. i was not scared i didn’t think anything then she grabbs me, theres a moment of terror, then nothing

the rings yes thees more to the story about the rings

then my next 2 memories are of me floating up the the ceiling in the hallway and not knowing what the fuck was going on or how to get down. i was actually scared to go in the hallway for awhile. if it was a dream how did i not know about them.

my next 2 memories i know are real. the first one was me standing in front of my grandparents new house. for some reason i dont remember the old one but there was a big ass cement tank in front of my grandparents house front door and i remember looking at it and being confused that it wasn’t a space shuttle

my next memory i was with my dad at night at my grandpas junk yard. there was one of those as tall as a skyscraper antennas off in the background and i was looking in that direction……….next thing you know a glowing liquid plasma ufo appears next to it loops around it in under a second, then its gone.

my theory is that its time travel and it did that to the antenna because its connected to the earth and thats how they travel time but i have no idea actually

those are my first memories the way i remember it.

i saw a ufo one time when i was much much older infact it was right after high school. i was with my friend jeremy and i was driving down a gravel road at 10 miles per hour and we were smoking a bowl of weed “bowl cruising” so the aliens must have sent a signal for me to phone home cuz theres no way that i should have known that was a ufo but i did

i stopped my truck did high beam low beam on and off in all different kinds of patterens. suddenly the object takes up position directly in front of us and we sit there and look at it for awhile then all of a suddun jeremy exclaims “its changing colors” then it changed every color in the rainbow then there was a streak of light like a shooting star then it was gone

ok now im gonna finish the “the story of the the rings”

back before i was born my dad was helping my uncle remodel his house. when my dad was taking the sheetrock off the wall he found hanging on nails a coil of rings braided in wire. he said that every time he moved it the house would creak and move.

he didn’t say he was scared or anything but he said he set the rings on the table told my uncle “my uncle didn’t believe him” then he got the fuck out of there

well what ended up happening is my uncle caught up to him before my dad made it to the end of the driveway. my uncle was scared so he put the rings back in the wall

i tried giving the rings to the voices because its my decision to make and i want them to have them its the only way i can ever touch them. its a decision based on a gut feeling but its my decision to make. my dad didn’t want them and i dont want them…………….

i honestly think im a dream flashed into a human clone body i will talk more about this later but its based on all the lucid dreams ive had.

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