something really funny happened………derek lee from 104.7 kcld kicked out my roomoate for me in front of probably 300,000 listiners lol

i laughed my ass off when i ran up and took that picture because i was gonna use it to pose as him on gay dating sites and the reason i was laughing is because i thought he looked gay

anywahs im schizophrenic and ended up in the state hospital first then the veterans admininstration drug and mental reabilitation program

in the state hospital i met a new girlfriend shes schizophrenic and i have a thing for schizophrenics because im schizophrenic. anyways after i left the state hospital i talked to her on the phone like 5 times a day for a couple months we end up being reuinited but then she had to leave but shes coming back but heres the thing

she dosen’t want al living there anymore he dosen’t even pay rent.

so this was al unplanned but…………..

i called derek lee on 104.7 kcld prime time radio “ive been calling in there almost 10 years”

anyways i tell derek lee all this and he offered to tell al for me because i said i hadn’t told him yet. come on guys its me i couldn’t turn down an offer like that so i said sure

then as im walking to als room im like “yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah” lol

then i handed the phone to al and in front of probably 300,000 people derek lee kicks out al. lol

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