this songs better

you know i went to a bust rhymes concert blacked out in around 2008. man i thought busta rhymes was still skinny. befire that. i drank a liter of somthing clear right before it and they woudldnt let me in the first time we tried i was technically not even allowed to be there but we snuck in.

it was a small concert and i was drunk and i was yelling shit the entire time except i get kind of a mouth when ive been drinkin…………
i think i remember calling busta rhymes a bitch a bunch of times
i was right at the base of the stage and busta rhymes soaked me in booze
100 dollar bills fell from the ceiling i never got any
not that time
and at one point busta rhymes was talking about how he had to kinda watch his mouth sometimes or he might get in trouble and i know damn well he was actually talking about me
get me that video

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