im a trekkie and my observment about star trek

young acting ensign wesley crusher gets that posission because a traveler that they trust said so but the more powerful one captain picard didnt like was the q picard did not try to be friends with him like he did with the travler

this is completley off memory but i think something happened like this the q briefly sent the enterprise to borg space and the borgfollowed them home and they assimilated picard and made him the borg leader with the name lacutis because my theory is that hes the one that made it that far

2nd officers “numba one” was givin the power of the q at some point but under the orders from captain picard he was not allowed to use his powers

hahaha picard got assimilated

he makes fun of picard ands says seized my vessel seized my vessel

now watch old school movie its funny as fuck

a sword and a flute at the same time now thats advanced technology

i learned about masterbating in boyscouts so i got in a fight with beaner the eagle scout and i quit the only thing me and the voices agree on is that lee towers was beaner

god did we laugh when i came up with that

like beavis and butthead

that whole series was about a funny inside joke that was too funny to say

thats how wesley leaves star fleet

fuck this shit

kinda ;but not exactley

lee towers is a fan on the wutang clan message forum that thinks hes a moderator but he dosen’t have a badge kinda like that guy that says thats not yours thats not yours

he gave back the plant

as hes doing it he asks for more of the plant as a reward

i cant find that scene

but it was almost all gone

the only reason he took it is because he was stressed out about his precious bike

the only reason alex snapped was because he was mad about his umbrella

for some reason he brings an umbrella over in the middle of winter

at some point i pick it up and start to play with it like a sword and hes like “my umbrella” so i did all this ninja shit then opened it up in the house

he was mad

kinda like the time worm b started worshiping a flame and i blew it out

back to alex

about an hour later he just fucking snaps on me for talking shit about the gays and i tried stopping myself from hitting him but i was so damn fast that it went “tink” god i thought my fucking hand was broken after that shit but this chick rapped it up in a homade pink bandage and i never went to the doctor

it healed fine

alex is illiterate and i scored 95% of my reading comprehension test

his trying to out smart me never works

and it never will

he reminds me of a cat

al said that shit was funny when alex snaps and boom i hit him

i used to have a picture of an asternaut orbiting the earth on my wall

i told alex that it was a picture of me

2 weeks later i catch him talking about how not only was i in the navy but i was also in nasa

alex is an illiterate i want to know what the fuck he writes down in that book of his

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