At least 5 coincidences inside of syncricity involving me and the military

Eventually the military gave me a captains pay for life record deal but that was tricky

I graduated from division 282 in the navy old school boot camp program in great lakes Illinois and some buildings were already being torn down or were already torn down and ours was torn down immediately after our graduation. Instead of having two petty officers in charge we had two petty officers and a chief. One of our petty officers turned into a chief on the day that we graduated

Next I went to Groton CT with a pro football player that got sheingheighed in it like me too

He’s the one that gave me the site but I was the one playing double agent for an hour on the phone once a week for 6 months

He was my apprentice and only us 2 got to get out

When we got there we were among the last class to use books instead of computers

I worked at submarine something and was asked if I wanted to pick up captain and his buddies from the air port one time. I declined

I once held a secret security clearence

Now I know that I’m schizophrenic

Written on the building of 499 it said submarine training was second only to navy seals

Submarinors notoriously go insane

I was discharged March 3rd 2015 that’s on the 33rd paralel

This is kinda a long story but they had orders to make me cry for doing my beloved dxm for the first time there and cry wasn’t working so I end up being discharged for technical reasons failure to adapt to a military environment but I was in charge the day I escaped to road island they made me a leader cuz I wouldn’t cry

They had orders to make me cry

Road island is the smallest state and where they film family guy

i went on board the uss miami one time

i went in there with 2 others they left me and me and my apprentice alone but when the other guy got out of there his body was covered in pinches

in drydock a civilian at some point started a fire on the uss miami to supposidly get out of work “the devil must have told him to do it” they didn’t kill him they locked him up its only a submarine

after that it got decommishioned

the mians traveled through time to hit that sub its the miami

i fight with the devi every time she talks to me

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