today i finished and sent to my representative payee my business plan that he wants to basically give me unlimited funding he controls 50 grand thats in my name that he hasn’t let me use

i had to think about it for about a month before i figured out of to write one here it is

Jerome allen hickman aka projectillogics business plan

Mission statement

Hello my names jerome allen hickman  and i go by the rap name projectillogic. Ive been working for almost all of  my entire life on writing and making music. I first started singing in sunday school and at bible camps. the first time i made a poam was when i was at the age of 12 and then i started rapping at the age of 15. Thats about 10 years ago and right now i am at the age of 34.

 I have made lots and lots of sacrafices for the entire time and i still do for this shit almost every single day. thats right i spend the majority of my time working. Right now i have 39 professional quality songs that although i haven’t gone supremely viral with them yet, i have however gotten mostly nothing but good reviews. I recorded my first song in 2006 and its name is commander crunk.. Right now ive only gotten maybe a few thousand people to listen to my music over all these long years but you should know that my music deserves that more and more people to listen to it because its really good and the little feedback i get says im highly rated. ive been much more successful with my writing
I want to hire people to promote all of my music so i can go viral as well as hire rappers to rap on my songs an then pay money to be on other rappers songs. Every time i collaborate i gain all that artists fans.. I just paid 1400 dollars to e8t beats out of my pocket to get him to produce my next 5 song ep hes paid in full. i did this so that i can create my best work ever as well as gain all of his fans to listen to my music. I want to place my music all over the internet and either charge for new music eventually or use a fundraising service and see if i can get any donations i read about fundraising services  in the book the diy guide to the music industry.

Ive been  doing all this alone for the most part in the past and im gonna need help in the future  if im ever going to reach the levels i wish to achieve and that takes money.

There is plenty of money that sits unused that i believe should be used for these purposes. I have achieved alot and have proved that i take this seriously i am for real this is my life, this is my career, this is my passion, this is my soul.

My music is very unique and there is nobody that makes music the way i make music i sound like me

1) Vision Statement

My vision is my own unique term and that is that i want to become “a legendary manifestation of power”

I estimate at 39 professional quality songs that i am about half way through my career. I want to bring my song count to at least 80 songs minimum.

Right now i plan on working on my  music atleast until i am at the age of 40. But  right now im only at the age of 34 which gives me 6 more years to make this music career happen the way that i want it to happenI want my music to go viral all the way its gotten mostly great reviews its just been that its been difficult for me to get more than a couple thousand views to my music pages and im not even at the peak of what i have achieved right nowi went viral with my writing howeveri have the perfect blog already written right now

I envision myself hiring people on the internet to promote my music

I will never be happy if in this thing i do not succeed its the most important aspect of my life by far i sacraficed so much for my career and i have over 50 grand in the bank i say its about time i use some of this money for my music business

I also see myself paying other rappers to appear on their songs thus gaining all of their fans. then i might have to pay rappers to appear on my songs yeah i know that seems crazy but not if were talking about main stream rappers;

I see my music being listened to long after i die so atleast some parts of me get to escape the mirky mist

Goals & Objectives

  1. Record some more disposable songs on rap fame until i run out of lyrics from my 60 page long song of lyrics that im splitting up for each song
  2. Reach 10,000 music plays
  3. Reach 10,000 views of my blog
  4. Finish writing my business plan
  5. Read about how to go viral on youtube
  6. Develop my SEO for soundcloud youtube and wordpress
  7. Figure out of to go viral on reddit
  8. Continue promoting my blog on wordpress
  9. Continue writing lyrics for the songs that are being produced by e8t
  10. Upload my music to more music hosting services
  11. Copyright everything i can

Target Audience

Right now my audience has been from these 3 message forums. Wutnag clan, lil wayne hq, and david icke. Everythings been word of mouth after that for the most part although i did go independent on wordpress and so far this year i have received 762 views and 390 visitors

My target audience are those 4 places as well as anybody my hired freelancers can find.

They have blogs, playlists, internet radio stations , websites, fm radio stations ect ect.

Im assuming my music would be most enjoyed by young white people

Marketing Strategy

I will continue posting links in the comments section on every blog post on the wordpress terms that i search.

I will learn how to get subscribers on youtube

My next 5 song ep will be produced by my good friend august of e8t beats and hes already payed in full i paid him thousands of dollars and he usually charges much more than that but ive known the man for 15 years! Its totally worth the money because i know the amount of work i have to put in myself

He produces for motive-hate the band that has sold out concerts.

Hes my ticket to the future

I will find all the music promotion services that i need on the various freelance work android apps that i have downloaded. In these places There are unlimited opportunities to get promoted

if you can pay the money.i will obviously choose the ones that have significant good user ratings

Im in this rap shit too deep to stop and if i fail its gonna ruin my life i have no choice to continue because im in too deep.

I will continue to work very very hard but right now im doing it all alone and there are paid services available that can help me.

Once i gain a threshold amount of fans im going to start charging for new music


Theres over 50 thousand dollars that are being helded onto by my rep payee there’s more than enough to cover all these costs.

I get 3,000 grand a month for the rest of my life

Organisation Chart

Right now im all alone besides august from e8t beats who gave mean ultra discount to produce my next 5 song ep. There are so few masters that i can find anywhere its very rare to make it to my level

Products / Services

Right now All my music i have been giving it away for free but i figure i have created enough music that i can grow a significant fan base in the future and then sell my newly aquired fans all of my new music…. that is  if i market it correctly
im a sleeping giant

Soon i plan to sell projectillogic merchandise


This is the template i used to create my business plan for the most part

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